Online and In-Person Counselling & Psychotherapy

Flexibility in Changing times

We know how much all our lives and working patterns have changed and continue to change since 2020 and that flexibility is important to our clients.

In Person Counselling and Psychotherapy

For those who prefer to have sessions in person or for those who find it difficult to find a quiet, private space at home, we offer in person sessions in Edinburgh city centre and in the Southside of Edinburgh.

Online Counselling and Psychotherapy

We continue to offer our sessions online, using a variety of platforms such as Facetime, Zoom and What’s App video.  This offers the flexibility of having therapy sessions from a place that works for you, such as your home.  Online therapy removes the commute and can fit in well with the working day, especially for those who work from home.

A Combination of Online and In person Counselling and Psychotherapy

For those clients who prefer to have most of their sessions online, with the option of having some face-to- face sessions from time to time, we can be flexible and offer this combination.